7 Warning Signs You Need Commercial Garage Door Repair

Apr 13, 2023

Small problems with your large garage door can quickly lead to bigger, more expensive, and more time-consuming issues. The small issues can be a result of ignorance about conducting safety inspections of one’s garage door. According to Greeley Garage Door, most individuals do not conduct inspection practices of their garage door opener, which garage door experts conduct. The number is estimated to be around 54%. Fortunately, there are signs you can look out for that might indicate a problem with your door. These signs typically signify the need for commercial garage door repair of some kind, though many smaller repairs can be done on your own. Here are seven warning signs that could signify a big problem with your commercial garage door.

The Door Doesn’t Open or Close All the Way

If you’ve ever had to crawl out of your minivan because the garage door wouldn’t budge, you know how frustrating this problem can be. Sometimes it’s not a big deal; if one side of your opener is malfunctioning, it can still slide open partway and then get stuck there. Or maybe the springs are loose—they’re under lots of tension, so they might not cause any harm just by hanging loosely on their mountings. Unless you want to crawl through an opening only four feet high, enough for most people but not tall enough for minivans, it’s time for professional help.

The Door Is Misaligned

Garage door replacement is expensive enough when the old door is in perfect working order, so you don’t want to replace it with a door that’s misaligned or out of level. If the track where the door slides up and down is damaged or not properly installed, your garage door opener won’t line up correctly with the opening, even if you try realigning the sensors on the bottom of the door. When this happens, it just jams when you go to open or close it. Serious problems caused by misalignment are often easy to spot because your doors usually look crooked when something is wrong with them. You can always have an expert take a look at yours if you’re not sure.

The Door Starts and Then Stops Moving

This often happens when something is jamming the door mechanism. If it’s a limb from a tree with leaves that get caught in the tracks every year or two, this can be an annoyance but doesn’t usually mean serious trouble. On the other hand, if your home has trees close to the garage that are causing damage, or if heavy objects near your door routinely get blown around by strong gusts of wind and end up knocking on one side of the door, it’s time to do some major garage door maintenance. People often get jammed doors fixed without taking care of these other problems because they don’t realize how serious problems they might be facing.

The Door Is Hard to Open or Close

If you have to spend all your effort pulling the door closer each time you open it, even though it’s already been properly closed, your springs probably need some attention. So does the opener, you may need to replace the belt if there’s no slack left in it after replacing the springs. If that doesn’t fix the problem, it’s probably a worn-out gear on one of your various door components. Before spending money on anything else, have an expert look at everything and let you know what needs replacing before making any repairs.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Go All the Way Up or Down Sometimes

If yours doesn’t close all the way, it might just need to be moved a bit on its track to line up better with your opener. Or maybe something just got stuck halfway. The problem might not even require an expert. Try following the directions in your owner’s manual or watching some online videos that show you how to adjust your door yourself.

You Have Two Door Openers

Having two garage door openers attached to one remote can cause quite a few issues, so if you have this set-up, it’s probably time to upgrade or replace at least one of them. It can put too much strain on one system and cause frequent malfunctions, which means more frequent trips to the garage and sometimes more money spent on repairs. You might also need a new remote if you have two openers and one of them is broken.

Your Door Never Stays Open on Its Own

If you’re tired of always having to prop your door open before heading out, it’s time for repairs. When these repairs include adjusting the tension of your springs and installing or replacing rollers and hinges as needed, they can be costly. So, whether yours needs extensive work or just a little, it pays to hire an expert who knows what he’s doing so you don’t end up with hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in garage door replacement costs after all that maintenance.

So, there you have it. If you’re having any of these problems, it’s time to call in professional help before you end up stuck halfway between your garage and the outside world or, worse yet, with a broken door that needs replacing altogether.

If you are encountering problems with your garage door, then be sure to reach us. We are specialized in commercial garage door repair to ensure you receive reputable repair services with affordable rates while at the same time maintaining high quality.