The Importance of Dock Leveler Maintenance for Your Business

Apr 13, 2023

A dock leveler is a critical part of many shipping facilities and is one that is often easy to ignore for many years. As a result, dock leveler maintenance is something that must be handled properly for your facility’s safety. Doing so can help to minimize the risk of many serious and dangerous concerns. Here are just a few things that getting this dock leveler service may help with for your facility and business operation.

Improve Hauling and Lifting Efficiency

Your dock leveler helps to keep your vehicles level when loading and unloading and, when it goes bad, may make your operation inefficient. When you get these repairs done regularly, you minimize this risk. You should also make sure to get repairs for other elements of your facility. After all, according to, about 45% of garage owners don’t hire inspection services after installation. Who knows what problems could exist on your facility’s extensive storage center doors?

Enhance Employee Safety

Poor dock leveler maintenance could lead to serious issues with your employee and even customer safety. For example, what would happen if your leveler failed while your team was unloading a large number of goods? One of your employees could tumble off of the dock and get seriously injured. This injury could also occur alongside goods damage and could cost you a lot of money both in workers’ compensation and goods replacement. Just maintain your dock leveler to avoid these issues.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Proper maintenance on your dock levelers can also help to protect you from serious financial loss. We already mentioned problems with employee injury and damaged goods. However, we haven’t even touched on potential energy efficiency problems. Poor maintenance could cause your levelers to run at varying energy levels. Even worse, your facility could experience some energy inefficiency related to poor heating caused by poor leveler maintenance. Avoid this problem by getting help right away.

As you can see, dock leveler maintenance is essential for keeping your facility operating smoothly and efficiently. You don’t necessarily need to get maintenance every month to keep your leveler running well. You might just need yearly or even bi-yearly inspections. Some people even get inspections quarterly. The best inspection schedule will depend on your financial needs and the state of your loader. For more information, get in touch with the professionals at East Coast Dock and Door.